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Umberto Fiaccadori

I have been working at the Department of Informatics since 1998 as a lecturer, mostly within the areas of system development, interaction design and organizational theory and design I have gained experience and knowledge surrounding those areas.

I started as a PhD-Candidate in 1997. I had a strong interest in how and on what grounds managers and executives make decisions surrounding system development projects. The theory presented in an article from 1986 by Bettis, R, A & Prahalad C, K “The Dominant Logic: a New Linkage Between Diversity and Performance” functioned as a starting point behind my interest about ’Dominant General Management Logic’ which in short were named Dominant Logic (DL). The depth of the area as well as its broadened perspective resulted in a scattered knowledge and an all too long theoretical investigation. As a result, my ambition to investigate how management and executive decision making functioned in system development projects, on the basis of DL, were a dead end and from a researchers point of view, no longer fruitful. All too many other researchers had already presented articles with its basis in the theories connected to the DL.

Since then most of my time have been focused towards the areas in which I teach and sometimes supervise.

I lecture presently on the courses SYSA11, SYSA12, INFC25 and supervise Bachelor's theses.

Umberto Fiaccadori
Phone: +46 46 222 33 76
Room: EC2-265

Umberto Fiaccadori

Office hours

Wednesdays at 15-16. Outside this hour, please contact me for an appointment.