Department of Informatics

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Courses 2018–2019

The information is subject to change

Autumn term: 1st study period (2018-09-03--2018-11-04)
INFN25 IT, Innovation, and Sustainability, 7.5 credits
INFN40 Strategic Management and Information Systems, 7.5 credits
Autumn term: 2nd study period (2018-11-05--2019-01-20)
INFN01 Information Systems Research Methods, 7.5 credits 
INFN30 Mobile Industry Dynamics, 7.5 credits *
INFN50 Business Decision Management, 7.5 credits *
Spring term: 1st study period (2019-01-21--2019-03-24)
INFN35 Human-Computer Interaction Design, 7.5 credits *
INFN45 Business Intelligence, 7.5 credits *
INFN60 Designing Digitalisation, 7.5 credits *
Spring term: 2nd study period (2019-03-25--2019-06-09)
INFM10 Master thesis, 15 credits

* = elective courses