Department of Informatics

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Exchange studies

Courses offered in Informatics/Information Systems through LUSEM exchange partners.

Autumn 2023

Undergraduate level (Basic courses)

25% during 1st & 2nd study period (Sep-Jan)
SASE40 Informatics: Introduction to e-health, 7.5 credits (distance learning)

Undergraduate level (Bachelor courses)

1st study period (Sep-Oct)
INFC20 Advanced Database Systems, 7.5 credits.                                            
INFC25 Human-Computer Interaction, Analysis, 7.5 credits
INFC40 Information Systems Security, 7.5 credits
2nd study period (Nov-Jan)
INFC35 Decision Support Systems, 7.5 credits
INFC60 IS Sourcing Strategies for Business Development, 7.5 credits

Advanced level (Master courses)

Autumn term: 1st study period (Sep-Oct)
INFN25 IT, Innovation, and Sustainability, 7.5 credits                                         
INFN40 Strategic Management and Information Systems, 7.5 credits
Autumn term: 2nd study period (Nov-Jan)
INFN35 Human-Computer Interaction Design, 7.5 credits
INFN45 Business Intelligence, 7.5 credits

Spring 2024

The courses offered below may change.

Undergraduate level (Basic courses)

2nd study period (Mar-June)
INFE02 Information Systems: Managing Digitalisation, 7.5 credits                    

Undergraduate level (Bachelor courses)

1st study period (Jan-Mar)
INFC40 Information Systems Security, 7.5 credits.                                             

Information Systems Management and Strategy, 7.5 credits

Advanced level (Master courses)

1st study period (Jan-Mar)


Business Decision Management, 7.5 credits                                         


Designing Digitalisation, 7.5 credits


Designing Digitalisation Online, 7,5 credits

INFN65 Business and Artificial Intelligence, 7.5 credits


Viktoria Svenby
Academic advisor, programme coordinator
Phone: +46 46 222 80 25
Room: EC2-279