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Written Exams

Rules concerning exams on courses

You must follow rules concerning exams on courses (salstentamina) at Lund University’s School of Economics and Management, or else you will be ordered to leave the exam hall and all cases of suspected cheating will be reported to the Disciplinary Board at Lund University.

Collecting written exam 

The exam office is located to the balcony above the atrium in EC1. To pick up your written exam, you need to show your ID (passport/driving license/identification card/LU card) and sign the exam cover sheet.

You can pick up a friend’s exam as well, but a power of attorney is then needed as well as ID cards for both of you.

For further information, please visit the exams office website.

Signing up for examination

If you are registered on the course for the first time, you are automatically registered on the regular examination and on the first re-take.

If you are re-registered on a course, you must register for the exam one week ahead of the exam date by e-mailing

For the May and August retake sessions, signing up is obligatory for everybody.


Your corrected exam is collected at the exam review. This occasion also gives you the opportunity to discuss the result and the marking with the teacher.   

If you passed the exam, you have no right to write the exam again in order to get a higher grade.  

Exam schedule

Exams Autumn 2018




Exam halls

MA Matematicums annex, Sölvegatan 18-20, first floor
MH Matematicum, ”Mattehuset”; 
MHA/MHB: Hörsal A alt. B, Sölvegatan 18
Kårhör Hörsalen (Auditorium) in LTH’s kårhus, John Ericssons väg 3
Gasque LTH’s kårhus, John Ericssons väg 3, basement
Eden Paradisgatan 5 (Building behind “Gamla kirurgen”)
Vic Victoriastadion (Sports hall), Lovisastigen 2-4
Paln, Palö Palaestra, hörsal, ground floor alt. first floor, 
Universitetsplatsen, Paradisgatan 4
Genaula Aulan, Genetikhuset, Sölvegatan 29
E:B Ole Römers väg 3 (LTH’s E-building)
KF Sigma Sölvegatan 22 F
Sparta Tunavägen 39
Kult Kulturens auditorium Karlins plats
Arena Stattenavägen 25 Map etc..
(Färs & Frosta Sparbank Arena)