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INFN50, Business Decision Management

Informatics, 7.5 ECTS credits

The course is offered on the first term of the Master's programme in Information Systems and to exchange students.

Course description

Business Decision Management (BDM) is about one of business most important assets – the operational business decisions. Many every day and repeating decisions are made e.g. for:

  • Loan application assessments
  • Risk assessments for insurance policy applications
  • Customer ratings on a web shop
  • Taxation in an on-line eService for income tax return
  • Claim benefits
  • Acceptance of orders and payment
  • A diagnosis, such as vaccination status

Some of these decisions are made manually, but many more are automated in information and IT systems. We meet these decisions when we buy things on the web, book flights, make hotel reservations, hire a car, and so on.

BDM is tightly connected to Business Processes Management. Business Process Management is about changing or designing business processes. Business Decision Management takes responsibility for all the operational business decisions that a business process requires to function according to business goals.

Automation of operational business decisions – decisioning – in BDM applies Business Rules Management (BRM) and BRM systems for finding, authoring, managing and executing business rules (BR). In BDM business rules are subordinate to decision management and the decision requirements give the context and raison d´être of the BR. Many branches of society, especially banking, insurance and the public sector are rule heavy and already use rule-based decisioning. In Sweden, we can for instance fill in our tax return using digital services, which are based on rule-based decisioning. In the USA, an example of a major user of decisioning and support technology is IRS.

During this course, you will work both theoretically and practically with the concept of BDM. You will design decision requirement models and business rules to automate decisions in processes using professional technologies: Visual Paradigm, IBM Operational Decision Manager, and DecisionsFirst Modeler. The course is at the edge of development and technology, and represents unique knowledge that only a very few institutions around the world can and do teach.

You will meet industry expert James Taylor ( live or on-line. You will also meet Lucas van Biert, a former INFN50 student and now BDM professional. They will provide expert insights and industry experience on BDM.

BDM is an approach drawing heavy industry interest. Through this course, you will have the possibility to acquire highly specialized and unique skills with high market value.


Odd Steen
Associate professor
Phone: +46 46 222 81 98
Room: EC2-231

Odd Steen

Additional information

Course syllabus, in English
Course syllabus, in Swedish

Reading list for Autumn 2018

Advanced level A1N
Teaching language: English
Offered: Autumn semester


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