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Business Intelligence

INFN45, Informatics, 7.5 ECTS credits

The course is offered on the Master's programme in Information Systems, to exchange students and as a freestanding course..

Course description

The course concentrates on design of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. BI is a broad category of applications, technologies, and processes for gathering, storing, accessing, and analysing data to help business users make better decisions and take actions.

The students should acquire knowledge on how to design BI solutions for different BI targets. Three specific BI targets can be identified:

  1. point solutions, single or a few related applications,
  2. enterprise-wide BI, providing organisational BI infrastructure, and
  3. BI to support organizational transformation, enabling new business models.

The BI targets differ in terms of their focus; scope; level of sponsorship, commitment, and resources required; technical architecture; impact on personnel and business processes; and benefits.

Issues related to BI data management (from separate BI databases to real-time data warehousing), meta-data, data quality, BI governance, and BI benefits are addressed. Contemporary BI trends will be covered. The trends include, scalability (more data, more users, and more complex queries), pervasive BI, operational BI, and the BI-based organization (how organisations can compete on analytics).

COURSE director

Blerim Emruli
Senior lecturer
Phone: +46 46 222 80 66
Room: EC2-263

Blerim Emruli

Additional information

Course syllabus, in English
Course syllabus, in Swedish

Reading list for Autumn 2022

Advanced level A1N
Teaching language: English
Offered: Autumn semester


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