Department of Informatics

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Master Thesis

INFM10, Information Systems, 15 ECTS credits

The course is offered on the second term of the Master's programme in Information Systems.

Course description

The Master Thesis involves independent work in teams of two students addressing a research problem. This is an independent piece of work, which means that the student-teams must themselves find a problem-area, they will not be provided with pre-defined problems. The problem-area must be relevant to informatics as a social science, but it may not be any kind of problem within the social sciences. Next the student-team must formulate a research-question and present a relevant theoretical framework, which provides the basis for planning and conducting an empirical investigation, and the student-team must also draw conclusions from the empirical investigation and the theoretical framework. Finally the investigation and the findings must be presented in a written thesis, which is examined at a seminar.

In your thesis you will use quantitative or qualitative approaches, or some combination of these. The course on Information Systems Research Methods provide you with the appropriate knowledge and tools.

COURSE director

Osama Mansour
Associate professor
Phone: +46 46 222 33 84
Room: EC2-235

Osama Mansour

Additional Information

Note that the course starts in January already and have some scheduled activites during January-March. From the second period starting in March the course is given full-time.
The course requires presence on campus for supervision and seminars.

Course syllabus, in English
Course syllabus, in Swedish

Reading list for Spring 2023

Advanced level 
Teaching language: English
Offered: Spring semester


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