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Bo Andersson

Working at the Department of Informatics since 2002 as a teacher, chiefly in system development, database design and process modelling.

Guest lecturer at University of Calabria, Italy, in project management (2012).

Guest lecturer at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, in system development (2009, 2011).

Guest lecturer at Deusto University, Spain, in business modelling (2005, 2006).

Dissertation abstract

The rapid development of handheld technologies such as smartphones and personal digital assistants in recent years has created opportunities for the mobile workforce to take advantage of computerised information systems. To apprehend and harness the opportunities of computerised information systems implemented on handheld devices it is crucial to fully understand the user group and the handheld technology.
However, there is a lack of comprehensive frameworks and toolkits supporting designers of computerised handheld information systems for the mobile workforce. The aim of this dissertation is to address this issue by developing both a framework and a toolkit for use early in the design process.
To develop and evaluate the framework and the toolkit, various qualitative methods such as interviews, artefact studies, and experiments were applied for assessing both users’ and designers’ views on handheld computing. The analysis is made from a designers’ perspective and based on the entities, user, application, context and technologies.
The proposed accentuated factors framework is a comprehensive framework of fifteen factors, evaluated and approved by experienced practitioners.
The HISD Toolkit presented is based on the accentuated factors framework and supported by the design propositions Least Common Denominator, Flexible Forms, Tune-In and Defensive Design, which are also presented in this dissertation.
The main implication for research is the use of the accentuated factors framework in analysis of handheld computing. The main implications in practice are the use of the HISD Toolkit in the design of handheld information systems, in the teaching of handheld computing, and in the evaluation of existing systems as in the procurement of computerised handheld information systems.

Other research related activities

  • Member of ACM
  • Member of AIS
  • Member of IEEE
  • Member of Management and IT, Research School

Attending Doctoral Consortium at ECIS 2009, Verona Italy.

ECIS 2009 Session Chair - E-Commerce

Member of Planning Committee Mobile Response 2007, International Workshop on Mobile Information Technology for Emergency Response. Fraunhofer IAIS

Journal reviews

  • 2010 Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics

Conference reviews

  • ICIS 2012
  • ECIS 2011
  • ICIS 2010
  • ECIS 2010
  • Mobile Response 2007
  • Nokobit 2007
  • IRIS 2006
  • IAIT 2005

Bo Andersson


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